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Profile of a Graduate

During their time at the Social Justice School, students will develop the knowledge, skills, habits of mind, values, and practical experience to be compassionate and reflective citizens who wield real power to pursue justice with their local community. When a student graduates from the SJS after four years, he or she or they will be able to confidently say:

Knowledge and Skills

  • I can solve conceptual mathematical problems and I am fluent in procedures.

  • I can critically analyze all types of texts.

  • I can clearly express my ideas and arguments orally and in writing.

  • I can use the scientific method to investigate the world.

Habits of Mind

  • I am FREE:

    • I am fearless in the face of injustice;

    • I am relentless in the pursuit of justice;

    • I am empathetic to the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others; and

    • I am engaged with heart and mind.

  • I can use the Liberatory Design Thinking process to solve problems.

  • I can use self-regulation skills and an awareness of my strengths and needs in order to achieve my goals.

  • I can respond to failure with courage and a growth mindset.

  • I can work ethically with others to solve real world problems.


  • I can understand and approach the needs of others with empathy and compassion.

  • I am an advocate of social justice and have the skills to interrupt systems of oppression.

  • I understand my intersectional identity and acknowledge the intersectionality of others.



  • I have completed a service learning project that builds from my own skills, strengths and identities while designing for the needs of the community.

  • I have researched a social justice issue and develop an action plan that will tackle a real world problem in my community.

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