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a designed response to systems of inequity by creating an inclusive and equitable world

We are empowering and preparing young people to design those responses. 
We believe in love, learning, and liberation.  
We are the Social Justice School. 



The Social Justice School is a 5th - 8th grade school in Washington, D.C.. Our mission is to catalyze an integrated community of middle-school learners to be scholar-activists who are designers of a more just world. In order to design a more just world, our students require an education that embraces and lives out a set of core beliefs about what it means to be human.

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All are welcome here.

ALL races
ALL religions
ALL countries of origin
ALL sexual orientations
ALL genders
ALL economic backgrounds
We stand with you.
You are safe here.
Get Involved!

Support our growth. Find out ways to give back to our school, families and their surrounding community.

Do you believe in social justice? Do you have ideas for how we could grow together? Join us in the pursuit for liberation. 

We're always looking for great people to join our team. We're hiring for educators and administrators. 

What's new at the Social Justice School

Follow our social media to see the amazing work our Scholar-Activists create and to hear updates from our crew.

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