Our School

Our Model

Using an educational model that blends rigorous academic instruction with learning expeditions that are rooted in social justice and liberatory design thinking, the Social Justice School creates an educational space where students across difference engage critically with the world and interrupt systems of inequality toward designing equitable systems with equal outcomes: liberation for all and a non-hierarchical society.





Life also happens outside of the classroom, and we believe learning should, too. We explore real-world issues by reading texts and studying social justice issues that matter to our students. Classes will relate themes to topical issues, and projects relate to matters facing our communities right now.

  • Civil Rights field trips

  • Community-centered projects

We believe that every child should belong to a tight-knit family and that’s your Crew. (It’s like home room, but way better.) Each Crew features an adult mentor and no more than six students. Students meet with their Crew three times a day discussing everything from politics, school projects, and new Kendrick Lamar songs.

  • Lifelong relationships

  • Peer mentorship



post it.jpg

If Google does it, we think our students should get to as well, but with an added dose of liberation. We teach our students how to tackle real-world problems using a problem-solving process called design thinking. It involves research, experimentation, and lots of post-it notes and white boards.

  • Maker space — 3d printing, film, podcasts, & more

We are building a culture of inclusiveness where the cultures of students and families are represented in the schools’ curriculum and are valued by every member of the school community. Our community is intentionally integrated across ethnicity, class, and home language.

  • Student Leadership Board

  • Curated, intentional reading lists